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Mobile and web applications will become an effective tool only if, after the release, the project is maintained in good condition and developed. We provide support services for projects implemented not in our company, as well as for our clients. Contact the company to clarify service and support for your product.
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The effectiveness of mobile and web applications depends not only on the quality of development, but also on their support and maintenance after release. In our portfolio you will find successful projects for which we provide maintenance and development, including products created by third parties companies. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our work and maintenance offer, and contact us to discuss the possibility of supporting your product.
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Developing a quality mobile app is a complex task that requires a lot of effort from both the technical and marketing sides. ends at the time of its launch.The application will become an effective business tool only if the project is maintained in good condition after the release.

What tasks does project maintenance solve?

Development and maintenance of an application are inseparable processes when it comes to a successful software product. Appomart offers its customers comprehensive solutions that affect both the technical and informational aspects of the issue. A standard package of services for product maintenance includes the following items:

  • server health monitoring;
  • technical application back-end support;
  • data backup;
  • technical troubleshooting.< /li>

Typically, maintenance is done on the customer's servers. However, at the request of the client, the mobile application can be hosted on reliable, high-speed servers of the company located in Amsterdam.

There is also an additional list of services, the conditions for which are negotiated with the client separately :

adapting the product to new platforms or OS versions;

app support upon request of the client, if the current team cannot cope; justify">Lack of support will inevitably lead to a churn of customers, which will be a difficult task to return. Stability, feedback and visible development of mobile applications is highly appreciated by users.

Why leave your project to the professionals?

The application must evolve despite internal and external challenges. We understand that at any moment a startup may have its own people who are able to take on the tasks of supporting the product. In this situation, it is important that the transfer of cases goes smoothly, and that any new person can understand the features of the application.

However, personnel changes are inevitable in any organization. People can get sick or go on vacation, but this should not affect the performance of the product. The best solution in this case is to entrust the project support to specialists: 

  • no need to hire additional staff;
  • a contractual relationship with clearly defined obligations of the parties;
  • comprehensive support solutions;
  • low maintenance cost;
  • no additional costs - work is done directly, not through intermediaries;
  • Highly qualified specialists provide support.


Application maintenance after launch is an important task that directly affects the success of the entire project. Appomart has been creating and supporting software products for many years. Qualified specialists take care of all the maintenance work of the resource. As a result, the customer can focus on business development without being distracted by third-party technical issues.

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