Investments in the IT sphere

Attracting investments and funding IT projects

Appomart not only offers deep insights into the IT sector but also boasts a developed network of professional contacts, which serves as an invaluable asset for startups seeking reliable investors. In addition, we specialize in assisting investors in discovering and financing startups with significant potential and innovative approaches in the field of information technology, ensuring meticulous selection and preliminary assessment of potentially successful ventures.

Attracting investments and funding IT projects
Appomart - Clutch recognizes Appomart as the top software developers in Israel for consumer apps.
Clutch recognizes Appomart as the top software developers in Israel for consumer apps.
Appomart - Appomart shines as top mobile app development company in Serbia according to Wadline International Rating Platform.
Appomart shines as top mobile app development company in Serbia according to Wadline International Rating Platform.
Appomart - We are in the TOP of the best IT contractors at UPWORK platform.
We are in the TOP of the best IT contractors at UPWORK platform.
Appomart - We have been included in the international top ranking of IT outsourcing companies by Clutch since 2017.
We have been included in the international top ranking of IT outsourcing companies by Clutch since 2017.
How we are working
Thorough investor analysis
Thanks to years of investment experience, we will conduct a deep analysis of potential investors, help understand whether a particular investor is suitable for the development of your project and team.
Legal security of transactions
Our team of lawyers provides full legal support for all investment transactions, which guarantees the protection of your interests and organizational safety.
Investment in promising IT projects
We offer the opportunity to invest in the most promising IT projects, providing a justified assessment of the possibilities and potential market of each project.
Business mobilization, competent integration of mobile applications into existing infrastructure to improve business performance.
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Careful project budget management, easy scalability, upgrades, fast launch. Support at all stages.
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Investment Services at Appomart

How to attract investments to your IT project

Attracting IT investments with Appomart

Every successful project has a common feature - an effective advertising strategy and the right approach to attracting investments. At Appomart, we know that investments are catalysts for success. Today, let"s talk about why they are so important and how we can help you.

We have experience working with various investors and understand the dynamics of their interaction with businesses. This means that we know how investors influence businesses, what interests and expectations they have, and how they can support and develop your ideas and projects.

However, the majority of startups try to do without investments. The reason for this is the stress that comes with the need to communicate with investors, attract investments, and solve other tasks.

In reality, finding an investor is not such a difficult task. The main thing is to find someone who is not only interested in investments but also likes the idea of your business. Ideally, an investor should enhance the potential of your project rather than sink it. An investor in an IT project not only provides the necessary resources for development, but also makes many important decisions. For example, finding and establishing contacts with potential partners and clients, developing a growth strategy, and expanding the business.

At Appomart, we assist in attracting and interacting with investors. We assess risks, analyze documents, and help develop a joint strategy with the investor. Our assistance covers both legal and practical aspects of this process. We study the potential investor"s experience, including their previous investment deals, in order to better understand the investor"s strategy and whether it fits your business. Researching previous deals helps identify risks associated with a specific investor and utilize their experience for the benefit of your project.

Consultations on investment search

Where can you find an investor, how to choose the right one, and how to convince them of the potential of your project? We use our experience, knowledge, and extensive network of contacts to guide you in the right direction. We explore various investment sources and analyze them to see if they are suitable for your project.

Sources such as funds, business angels, and accelerators offer different financing structures and conditions. For example, investment funds usually provide large amounts of capital but may require more significant involvement in project management. Business angels are individuals who invest their own funds and often provide valuable business experience and a network of contacts, while accelerators offer resources for rapid project development but often in exchange for a stake in the business.

Choosing the right financing source is crucial for unlocking the potential of your business. The right choice can lead to significant growth and success, while unsuitable financing can slow down project development or even halt it.

By turning to us for investment search consultancy, you gain a real understanding of the available financing sources, the opportunities they offer, and how to use them effectively for the optimal growth and development of your IT project.

Investment strategy development

IT investment strategies with Appomart

If you want to attract investors attention, you need a clearly formulated and well-thought-out investment strategy. A lack of a clear strategy can lead to unpredictable results and a decrease in interest from potential investors.

Our team will help you define the goals of your IT project, analyze risks and potential for attracting investors, and find the most suitable financing options. Furthermore, we provide support in attracting potential investors and partners, identify the most appropriate channels for your needs, and assist in preparing your project for presentation to investors, including developing presentation materials and preparing for meetings with potential investors.

Preparatory stage

At Appomart, we break down the process of preparing your project for investment into several key stages:

  1. Business plan development: Our team of experienced specialists will help you develop a business plan that accurately reflects the potential and profitability of your business idea, taking into account all possible risks.
  2. Project presentation preparation: We create attractive and informative presentations that characterize your company, product or service, market position, financial indicators, and team.
  3. Financial structure evaluation: We carefully assess the current financial state of your project to effectively present its potential to potential investors and give them a clear understanding of the project"s future financial prospects.
  4. Legal due diligence: Our legal team will conduct a thorough examination of the accuracy of all the data provided by you and ensure your project complies with all necessary legal requirements.
  5. Risk and threat assessment: We will identify and analyze all potential risks associated with your project and develop a strategy to consider and minimize them.

We will assist you at every stage of preparing your project for investment, so that you can effectively present your idea, demonstrate your professionalism and confidence in yourself and your project. With us, you can confidently meet with potential investors, already having a clear and cohesive strategy.

Legal support and deal assistance

Investor matching and legal support

What should be considered when investing? First and foremost, it involves aspects such as the right deal structure, the legal status of your company, accurate and transparent financial statements, as well as any issues related to intellectual property.

At Appomart, we provide legal support services, including risk analysis and assessment, preparation and documentation of legal agreements, legal consultations during negotiations, and additional legal assistance as needed.

In other words, our priorities include finding solutions that protect your business and interests and, importantly, contribute to productive collaboration with investors.

Our main task in terms of deal assistance is to consciously reduce risks and ensure the legality of all processes. We help achieve transparency and clarity of all deal conditions, ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, and, of course, protect your interests. Taking into account the specifics of the IT industry, we also focus on quality protection of your intellectual property and assistance with data transfer issues.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with additional information about the services provided by our IT lawyer on the "Professional Legal Support in IT" page. Visit the designated section and learn more about how we can help you avoid legal pitfalls and provide reliable legal protection in negotiations with investors.

For Investors: Advantages and risks of investing in IT projects.

Advantages of investing in IT

Investing in the IT sector opens up promising opportunities for investors, as this sector of the economy is characterized by exponential growth, flexibility, and dynamism. The IT industry requires significantly lower capital investment compared to traditional industries, while offering higher returns and growth potential. IT projects do not require investments in physical infrastructure, extensive staffing, raw materials, and logistics. Another advantage of IT business is that, unlike many industries where a wide team of professionals with different profiles is required, an IT startup can be launched even by a single individual with minimal initial expenses.

Regardless of the numerous advantages of the IT sector, investors should consider possible risks and choose long-term projects wisely.

At Appomart, we are aware of the unique advantages of investing in IT projects and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our approach helps investors identify and capitalize on these advantages, strengthen their positions, attract necessary resources to implement the best market propositions, as well as identify potential risks.

Interested in which IT projects you can invest in? We always have an updated list of promising IT projects for investments. We offer you the opportunity to gain exclusive access to these projects, opening the doors to a prosperous future in the world of IT investments. Contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide more information about these projects.

We have implemented over 70 major projects in various industries such as booking systems, commercial platforms, streaming services, medical and educational applications. Undoubtedly, your product is a combination of the experience we possess. Take a look at our portfolio to ensure our competence.
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