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Development of Android mobile applications for publishing on Google Play and for internal business needs. The applications developed by us monitor trucks, help people get acquainted and make purchases, and solve various business problems. Today you have access to our experience to develop your Android application.
Android app
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Development of Rubber applications, with support for Android tablets and phones. Natively, in JAVA.
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Development of scalable business solutions based on Android for internal and mass use.
Business mobilization, competent integration of mobile applications into existing infrastructure to improve business performance.
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We are proud of our experience in developing Android applications for various purposes, whether it is publishing on Google Play or internal corporate tasks. Our portfolio includes applications that track trucks, help people meet and make purchases, and solve many other business problems. We invite you to get acquainted with our projects and become part of our success story by ordering the development of your own Android application.
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Android Application Development

The number of smartphone users is growing, at the moment even schoolchildren have a newfangled gadget with a large number of built-in options. Due to the fact that smartphones have become indispensable assistants, such a service as Android application development is in great demand. This is due to the popularity of this operating system, only iOS is a serious competitor to it.

However, mobile development for Android has a number of features that affect the course and result of work. Appomart is ready to help in the implementation of such projects and guarantees the quality of the work performed. We know all the features of the operation of this operating system, and therefore we successfully implement even the most creative ideas of our customers.

We take into account device differences

Gadgets that run on iOS are made by the same company. But those devices that run on Android are produced by a much larger number of enterprises. The result of this is a significant difference in the parameters of each of the smartphones and tablets. Therefore, development for Android should take this feature into account. Each of the devices has its own resolution and screen size, which leads to the need for long and complex testing. Therefore, for such a service as developing applications for Android, the prices are slightly higher than for iOS.

We take into account the technical limitations of the platform

Development of mobile applications for Android must take into account the fact that not all ideas can be implemented with the same quality. For example, it can be difficult to add animation or implement functionality that involves synchronization and collaboration with other devices.

Among other things, when developing applications for Android, the specialists of our company take into account the need for a special approach to security. On the Internet, it is quite easy to encounter scammers or a virus. Therefore, an Android mobile application must be protected from this kind of trouble. This is equally important for the owner and users of the utility.

We take into account the high level of competition

Creating Android apps comes with a lot of nuances that need to be taken into account when developing. This is what makes it effective. The operating system itself is the most popular among mobile device owners, and more than 2 million various utilities have already been created for its users. And if Android system applications are seen in the market as recommended, then a commercial project needs to take into account a large number of variables in order to achieve popularity.

Behavior consumers. their retention rate. Application usage activity for android mobile devices. Information gathering speed. Interaction within the utility.

Due to the high competition and complexity of such research, the cost of an Android application is significant. To ensure that the money invested is not wasted, you need to take a serious approach to creating utilities, carefully think through every detail of them.

We will create a consumer-oriented Android App

Appomart has enough experience to guarantee high quality of services. So, Android-development, performed by our specialists, will be made taking into account all the features and nuances of this segment. This is the key to the success and efficiency of the created utility in solving the tasks.

The creation of Android mobile applications is carried out taking into account all the requirements of data protection legislation. In addition, we guarantee security and protection against threats of an internal and external nature.

Leave a request to us now to find out the exact price for developing a mobile application for Android, taking into account all your requirements. Entrust the implementation of your project to professionals. When ordering the creation of applications for Android at Appomart, you can be sure that the tasks will be completed correctly and the deadlines will be met.

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