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Solution for corporate clients

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, perfectly integrated into your business infrastructure.
How we create applications for corporate clients
Development stages
We will discuss your expectations, wishes and details of the project. The meeting can be both personal - we have an office in Russia, Israel and Thailand, or remote. Our clients are companies from all over the world.
We will carefully examine your business processes and audit your existing infrastructure, if necessary, to safely integrate your new application.
Development stages
Working documentation
We will develop working documentation for the future mobile application with the terms of reference, a prototype, and also lay the scalability into the architecture of the future application. Working documentation forms the basis of the contract.
Project work
Prototyping, design, mobile application development for iOS and Android, application publishing, support and updates - we can take care of all this.
Data protection
Ensuring the security of databases at all levels and their effective encryption.
Understanding the concept of information security and protection against external and internal threats.
NDA work
Before starting work, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Architecture development
We understand the architecture of highload projects and the importance of scaling.
Compliance with Federal Laws
Compliance with the Federal Data Retention Act for our UK customers.
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