From concept to publication

Solution for IT startups

Design and development of mobile applications for your startup in the IT field.

Startup first steps
How to start an IT startup
Startup idea
Finding an idea, testing it. Statement of problems and solutions underlying the startup. Marketing research, assessment of competitors and prospects for a future project.
Financial planning
Risk assessment, development of a monetization model, determination of volumes and sources of investment. Preparation of preliminary estimates.
Development of working documentation, approval of estimates, signing of a work contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Development of software architecture.
How we develop mobile applications for startups
Project discussion
We discuss your ideas, requirements and wishes for the application. The meeting can take place in our office or remotely, we work with customers around the world.
We audit the existing infrastructure or offer solutions for development from scratch. We identify, analyze, document product requirements.
Designers develop user interfaces, and the development team writes code to implement the required functionality.
The development is divided into iterations, at the end of each of them the functionality is thoroughly tested on our part, after which it is submitted to you for approval.
You get a ready-made mobile application and access to the site for its analytics, we help to publish it in the AppStore and Google Play.
We give a guarantee on all code and special technical support conditions, we fix bugs and release updates to make your application better.
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