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Backend (API)

We develop scalable, reliable and well-thought-out server programs for client-server products. The whole process from designing the server part to commissioning is perfected to the smallest detail. Reporting at every stage, maintaining documentation, competent choice of programming language for the tasks of your project, confidentiality.

Backend (API)
Appomart - Clutch recognizes Appomart as the top software developers in Israel for consumer apps.
Clutch recognizes Appomart as the top software developers in Israel for consumer apps.
Appomart - Appomart shines as top mobile app development company in Serbia according to Wadline International Rating Platform.
Appomart shines as top mobile app development company in Serbia according to Wadline International Rating Platform.
Appomart - We are in the TOP of the best IT contractors at UPWORK platform.
We are in the TOP of the best IT contractors at UPWORK platform.
Appomart - We have been included in the international top ranking of IT outsourcing companies by Clutch since 2017.
We have been included in the international top ranking of IT outsourcing companies by Clutch since 2017.
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Development of the server side of the application

Internet presence has become a necessity for modern companies. to build a full-fledged interaction with clients. Often, to solve this problem, they resort to creating client-server applications. Each of them consists of a client part and a backend. The latter term means the server part of the application. If in the future you need to independently change the content of the mobile program, then the backend must Appomart guarantees the execution of tasks in accordance with the requirements, therefore, when ordering the creation of server applications, you can be sure of the proper result.

Why do you need a backend?

Developing client-server applications involves creating two parts. The second, the server application, processes the received requests and acts as an administrative panel. Databases and program logic are stored here. Without this, no client-server application will work. In fact, the backend is the heart of the program. This is the intelligence that is responsible for processing customer requests, the speed of the application. Therefore, it is important that the architecture of the server application is thought out to the smallest detail, so that even highly loaded services work smoothly and quickly.

How to choose a programming language?

In the course of preparing the terms of reference (part of the working documentation for the project), the architect designs a system of databases and relationships, describes objects and their properties, and also develops the necessary server methods (requests that will be «use» mobile applications accessing the server).

Importance of documentation and «abandoned» projects

Appomart is often approached by customers who have been «left» for one reason or another by other contractors. And we take someone else`s, sometimes even incorrectly working project, we carry out its audit and subsequent revision and support. In the process of studying the source code and materials received from the customer, we are faced with the fact that many developers deliberately do not document the server methods in order to bind the client to themselves, due to the incommensurability of the labor costs of transferring the project to support another developer, due to the lack of documentation for the server part, and sometimes simply because of unprofessionalism. This fact, unfortunately, is not only sad but also widespread. The customer, in this case, needs to pay for the development of documentation for an existing project, as well as an audit of the source code, before it will be possible to judge the efficiency, convenience and expediency of supporting the project. Appomart always maintains electronic documentation of back-end methods in a format supported by Postman and Swagger for later use.

How do I verify a contractor before signing a contract?

We urge you to carefully choose a contractor, and focus not only on a tempting price, but also on the list of documents that you will receive with the project, as well as the conditions for transferring the source code, and code coverage with comments, database schemas (be it Mongo DB or MySQL). The key to success, as a rule, is competent working documentation, which clearly indicates the requirements for the materials transferred to you upon completion of each stage of the work.

Design Considerations

PHP for the server side

Creating the server side of applications ) requires specific professional skills and knowledge of the programming language that is used on the server side. If we look at examples of client-server applications, we can see that PHP is popular. It is the undisputed leader in server application development. More than half of the sites in the world are written in this language in one configuration or another. PHP is easy to develop and maintain, and there are special frameworks to speed up PHP development.


Framework (software framework) - used to organize and increase levels of abstraction, which makes the project more flexible and scalable. However, it should be understood that the framework must be chosen correctly, based on an in-depth analysis of the working documentation of the project, without which it is impossible to develop a quality product.

Delphi, JAVA, Python

There are other languages that are used to create the backend. So, server applications created in the Delphi environment are widespread. With its help, the program gets improved debugging, it is also easy to create unique programs in the environment, visual creation is provided, which makes it possible to make a beautiful, understandable and convenient interface. Java server applications have also gained popularity. These are easily complemented, easily executed on any platform and have a decent level of security. Another popular language is Python. Server applications are created quickly, simply, and without serious expenses.


Creating client-server applications is in demand in the corporate environment. Often such programs are used for working groups or creating information systems within an enterprise. The vast majority of mobile applications for maintaining communication with the client also have a similar architecture. The popularity is due to the fact that the use of server capabilities allows you to maintain control and integrity of the system, while reducing network load.

Let`s create a client-server Android, iOS application with high quality and on time

Turnkey development

Appomart programmers are experienced and qualified to implement tasks of various levels. We are equally good at implementing social networks, high-load business projects, or the software part for small startups. If necessary, we will create the client part of the application running Android, iOS in accordance with the existing needs and requirements.

Backend in Appomart

Our programmers work with different technologies and do it equally well. At Appomart, you can order a client-server application in Java, PHP, and Node.JS. System requirements are analyzed for each of the projects individually, which allows you to ensure the optimal performance of the program. We will create a Java, PHP and Node.JS client-server application from scratch or take an existing one to support for improvements and updates. If you are interested in developing a new server part or supporting an existing one, leave a request to get a detailed calculation of the cost of work and options for cooperation.

We have implemented over 70 major projects in various industries such as booking systems, commercial platforms, streaming services, medical and educational applications. Undoubtedly, your product is a combination of the experience we possess. Take a look at our portfolio to ensure our competence.
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