Android app
Development of Android mobile applications for publishing on Google Play and for internal business needs. The applications developed by us monitor trucks, help people get acquainted and make purchases, and solve various business problems. Today you have access to our experience to develop your Android application.
We develop scalable, reliable and well-thought-out server programs for client-server products. The whole process from designing the server part to commissioning is perfected to the smallest detail. Reporting at every stage, maintaining documentation, competent choice of programming language for the tasks of your project, confidentiality.
Gamedev на Unity3D
We love games and want to share the development process with you. Your future game is a lot of elements and people united by one goal - to make an exciting product that users will love. Full cycle development: game design, UI, level- design, music, modeling, programming, scripting.
iOS app
Our apps are beautiful on the outside and flawless on the inside. Developed using design patterns that ensure high code quality, stable operation, and excellent design is based on Apple's best practices and best practices.
Marketing Research
Appomart's marketing research into the scope of a future mobile application largely determines its success. The data obtained during the research gives an understanding of the characteristics of the target audience, preferred graphic design and functionality of the software product.
Application Prototyping
Application prototype not only helps to look at the future project in advance, possibly saving money, and fixing navigation and functionality errors before they occur, but significantly speeds up development and simplifies communications between the Customer and the Contractor, formalizing the requirements for the future interface.
Mobile and web applications will become an effective tool only if, after the release, the project is maintained in good condition and developed. We provide support services for projects implemented not in our company, as well as for our clients. Contact the company to clarify service and support for your product.
Working documentation
Terms of reference for a mobile application or web service is the basis of a quality product. Any startup starts with an idea. However, in rare cases it can be implemented on its own. In the field of IT development, it is hardly possible to do without the help of qualified specialists In order for the idea to be qualitatively implemented, it is important to correctly and clearly state your idea in writing. We are talking about the creation of working documentation, or, as it is also called, the Terms of Reference.
Customer-centric mobile applications and web services
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