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Application Prototyping

Application prototype not only helps to look at the future project in advance, possibly saving money, and fixing navigation and functionality errors before they occur, but significantly speeds up development and simplifies communications between the Customer and the Contractor, formalizing the requirements for the future interface.
Application Prototyping
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How we are working
Preventive Savings
The idea and hypotheses are tested early, the interface is adjusted, the outgoing quality of your product is improved, and design costs are saved.
High Performance
A validated prototype forms the basis of development, and helps to avoid typical interface design mistakes for medium and large projects.
Investment instrument
Potential investors are more likely to be interested in your project early on if it has a prototype.
Business mobilization, competent integration of mobile applications into existing infrastructure to improve business performance.
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Careful project budget management, easy scalability, upgrades, fast launch. Support at all stages.
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Our portfolio demonstrates many successful examples of application prototyping. This stage helps our clients avoid mistakes and save time and money on development. Prototypes simplify communication between the Customer and the Contractor, and also formalize interface requirements. Become our client and trust us prototyping your future application.
Other services
Prototype is a live layout of your future application

With the help of our company's specialists, you can develop technical specifications for a mobile application or other web resource in the optimal time and at an attractive price.At the same time, working documentation can have several forms.Among the proposed ones, you can always choose the one that is best suited for solving a particular task.

  1. TOR for a mobile application «Quick start». The most budgetary and efficient package of documents. The term for its preparation takes up to 7 working days. Upon request, Appomart specialists will send you an example of a technical task on mobile application includes its detailed description and full information about the server part.
  2. Extended working documentation. development of a mobile application or another product is up to 12 business days. This package includes not only a description of the application and its backend, but also user scripts and API methods. Upon your request, we are also ready to provide a sample according to your industry.
  3. Working documentation and prototype. The most complete version, which includes an extended terms of reference for the development of the application, its prototype, as well as specifications for design development and animation. The term for preparing such a package of documents is 15-20 working days. If necessary, the specialists of our company will provide for review the version TOR for the development of a mobile application (an example of a similar one in accordance with your specifics).

Turning to our specialists, you can not only develop a technical task for designing a utility or website, but also conduct a marketing research on the profitability and ways to promote your product, as well as create a game in Unity 3D. The final version includes detailed terms of reference for the mobile app, sample product, and user interface and character sketches, all created by a professional artist.

Entrusting the work on the formation of working documentation to the professionals of Appomart, you can be sure of the literacy and quality of the prepared technical specifications, templates and prototypes. All this gives you a guarantee of the successful implementation of your idea in full accordance with the developed terms of reference.

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