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We love games and want to share the development process with you. Your future game is a lot of elements and people united by one goal - to make an exciting product that users will love. Full cycle development: game design, UI, level- design, music, modeling, programming, scripting.
Gamedev на Unity3D
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We love games and are happy to share our experience in their development with our clients. In our portfolio you will find examples of games created on the Unity3D platform, where we developed the full cycle: game design, UI, level-design, music, modeling, programming and scripting. We invite you to join the ranks of our satisfied customers by ordering the development of your unique game on Unity3D and become part of our portfolio of successful projects.
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Game Development with Unity 3D

In today's society, the gaming component is becoming more and more obvious. If earlier simple games like tic-tac-toe were used as entertainment, now mobile applications have densely occupied this niche The audience in this area is huge, so third-party brand advertising becomes especially effective.However, conventional methods are no longer able to attract the attention of a sophisticated user.Appomart offers its own solution to the problem - promotional games.

Creating a promotion from a mobile application

The purpose of a Promo Game is to create a positive emotional message aimed at a specific brand while entertaining the user. They can be many. Often, Android games on Unity3D are created by creative processing of ready-made applications:

  • the company's product becomes a game character, and the main message becomes a game action;
  • the game character becomes the embodiment of the key brand theme, while the game action must be presented in the form of a product or package;
  • using the technological features of the smartphone as the basis of the game action;
  • the key theme of the company becomes one of the conditions for winning the game;
  • < li class= "ql-align-justify">an element of competition with opponents has been added.

Basic Myths About Promotional Game Creation

Myths often arise around the development of such games in Unity3D, which can scare potential client. Most frequently mentioned:

1. Creating games with Unity3D is an incredibly complex process that requires an experienced development team.

This is not true, because applications are created for promotions that are strictly limited in time. The games have a simple interface and gameplay, so there is no need for a large team of programmers.

2. Any mobile application company can develop a promo game.

This fact is also not true - when working on a product, you need an integrated approach at the junction of 2-3 areas. The team should include programmers who understand the game mechanics.

3. Creating ad games requires a lot of investment.

Actually, the price of a game on Unity is extremely small compared to the budget of the entire advertising campaign. It is important not to get hung up on the visual design, but to try to evoke positive emotions in the user, some of which will definitely go to the brand. At the same time, the price of playing on unity will be quite acceptable.


Promo- games in business

A competent game on Unity3D or 2D can not only serve advertising purposes, but also add a game component to communication with partners and employees.

In the first case, the visualization of the relationship will allow you to move from various violations of the terms of cooperation to the smooth development of a special partner status, upon reaching which these liberties will become available automatically. This is especially true when there are many partners, and personal negotiations with each are impossible.

For Unity employees, the game will become an additional motivation in their work, however, for each specific company, you need to look for an individual solution that may not suit another organization.

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