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Our apps are beautiful on the outside and flawless on the inside. Developed using design patterns that ensure high code quality, stable operation, and excellent design is based on Apple's best practices and best practices.
iOS app
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Supporting and testing on flagship models, not forgetting support for legacy iPads and iPhones.
Using Apple's cloud services to the fullest where it's needed and storing data without a back-end.
Let's connect push notifications, photo and video streaming, augmented reality and Face id, Apple watch and Health.
Business mobilization, competent integration of mobile applications into existing infrastructure to improve business performance.
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Careful project budget management, easy scalability, upgrades, fast launch. Support at all stages.
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We have implemented more than a dozen projects in 12 business sectors
Creating iOS apps is one of our main focuses, and our portfolio is full of masterpieces that combine attractive design and reliable performance. Take the opportunity to review these projects to see how we follow Apple's best practices and practices. Become part of our portfolio by ordering the development of your own iOS application.
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Your apple app on the cutting edge

An ecosystem of connected devices, usability, and attractive design are just a few of the benefits consumers choose iPhones for. iOS systems, the price of developing applications for this platform is significant.In order not to waste money, contact professionals.Appomart performs work with strict adherence to the stated criteria.At the same time, the development of applications for iOS is carried out taking into account the features and subtleties of the platform, which guarantees quality.

Accept version requirements

Consumers use different device models, and therefore the application should function equally well in each.So, for example, iOS 11 has a higher workspace and a different status bar, it is important that mobile development on iOS of this version is carried out taking into account the new status bar. Appomart programmers test intermediate builds of the product on various devices and simulators available at the company's office, which allows them to cover all the customer's target devices with tests and avoid visual and functional deviations from the standard and technical specifications.

Let's create a native iOS app

An iPhone app downloaded from the AppStore should interact correctly with the device. Therefore, the development of a mobile application for iOS is carried out by specialists with programming skills in the xCode development environment in Swift and Objective-c. The result of such work is the high quality of the created application. Competent development of iOS applications requires taking into account the security requirements of the operating system. Programs created in this way require less resources when using the camera, microphone and other device functions. An attractive design is also important, as AppStore users often download beautiful applications, even if their functionality seems weaker or less than that of competitors.

We strictly comply with AppStore requirements

The degree to which the user will be comfortable interacting with the program largely depends on whether the development was carried out correctly. An iOS app is built using only native programming languages and design patterns that provide the right levels of abstraction. In other words, users simply interact with the interface and quickly find the functions they are interested in without lags, bugs, and brakes, and it is convenient for developers to add new functionality and improve the application in the future without disproportionate costs. This is a win-win concept in which everyone wins in the end: the customer, the users, and us. Also, developing for iOS means creating animations so that the interaction experience is unique and navigation is easy.

Any program that appears in the AppStore undergoes rigorous moderation checks. Therefore, initially, the creation of applications for iOS is made taking into account the requirements of the operating system. Appomart programmers provide comprehensive product support throughout the verification.

Developing iOS applications in compliance with quality standards

Appomart has over five years of experience. During this time, programmers have implemented dozens of brilliant projects. Quality requirements are strictly observed today. Turning to us, you can be sure that our specialists will carry out not just development. The iOS application will be tested, its architecture and interface will be created taking into account standards that ensure high speed and ease of interaction.

The stages of iOS application development include:

  • Market analysis;
  • Target audience assessment;
  • Creating a prototype of a future product;
  • Developing an application in the xCode development environment according to customer requirements;
  • Product Testing;
  • AppStore Publishing

It is not always the price of iOS app development that is the deciding factor. Much depends on the experience and qualifications of the performer. Appomart monitors the quality of each stage of work. Entrust the implementation of bold ideas to professionals. Leave a request to find out the price of creating applications for iOS, taking into account your wishes and the available initial data.

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