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Vprognoze - Forecasts and sports betting service

This application gives information about bettings, betting shops, nearest sporting events for sports fans. User can see all the information about upcoming and past sports activities, forecasts. Also can chat with other users through private messages, participate in ratings that generated by amount of winning forecasts.
Implemented features: ratings, friends, profiles, log in through social networks, push notification, betting graphics, updates, messenger, forecasts, multi-level search system
Completion date: 6 months
Performed: iOS, Android

The one-armed deputy - The game

On the eve of party elections in State Duma our team has been created mobile application that allows to choose party by interaction with the application. The app is for entertaining and information.
The aim of game is to give users short information about each party and help to choose the best. This is not commercial project and all information were taken from public resources and websites.
Implemented features: twisted by screen touching drum, parties guide, algorithm choosing one of 15 parties randomly
Completion date: 10 days
Performed: Design, Android client

Pirates RU - Tourist discounter

This application was created for searching best traveling deals. There was some complication during integration an existing site with a large amount of subscribers but our team managed it very well.
This application allows to get notification about hot deals and tickets to any country of the world. All offers passing pre moderation and posting manually. As a result, potential audience coverage and loyalty of existing users were increased.
Implemented features: Dynamic uploading site contents, push notification, flexible push-notification setting, deep linking
Completion date: 2 months
Performed: Design, Server, API, Android, iOS, Site integration

Motospace - social network for motorcyclists

About the project: The aim of project was to unite motorsports fans in one place. This idea seemed to be interesting and we took up the development with no doubt. Now the people who can not imagine their life without motocycles can use this application with function as registration and adding their mototecnic information, search users by location in a radius of 50 meters and by searching options (brand, model). Also they can create chat between users and add special place. Application available for download in AppStore and GooglePlay.
Implemented features: friends, messenger, motortechnic search, geolocation search, geolocation sending, gallery, guides, search people nearby in a radius of 50 meters.
Completion date: 4 months
Performed: Android, iOS clients

Your Samui - Samui island information guide

This application is a guide of Samui island for travelers and expatriates. Application gives all details and information about island and Thailand such as fruits, food, vocabulary, holidays, weather, beaches, laws, visas, markets. Also it allowed to book a taxi, tours, boats or any services offered to users direct through this application.
Implemented features: recipes, news, searching places by geo-location, tours booking, taxi booking, information guides
Completion date: 2 months
Performed: iOS, Android

Help me - assignments service

Sometimes you do not have enough free time for daily tasks. This recruitment service where you can track and manage tasks was created to make easier execution of tasks process.
Each registered user can post the tasks and choose candidate by interview. All users is able to change account from customer to executor and from executor to customer.
Implemented features: SMS activation, log in through social networks, push notification, tasks, messenger, reviews, administrative interface and analytics.
Completion date: 6 months
Performed: Prototyping, Design, Server, API, Android, iOS, Landing page

Vision world - Geo-location service

This application helps to control many spheres of life and activities especially for people who runs a company with distance work progress control (cargo transportation, courier delivery). Also this service can be used for control location of relatives, kids or pets. Application integrated with multi-function server. Users is able not just track the movement of objects but also do distance manage such as stop the engine of vehicle or drain the fuel.
Implemented features: geolocation, push-notification, route creation, transport manager throw phone interface (motor jamming, speakerphone, fuel draining)
Completion date: 6 months
Performed: Design, Android client

Horseback - Horseman service

The target audience of application is people closely related to the horse sport. Users can read general thematic information, posts and view the horse selling ads, search and add horse stables, share news with other users. Also this application inform about upcoming horse sport activities. This is not commercial project. The aim is to unite interested people in one project and give all popular information. It is planned to develop and add horse riding training section with video content.
Implemented features: horse shop, horse farms on map search, sign in, news wall, likes, comments, ads submission forms, horse stables search by geolocation
Completion date: 3,5 months
Performed: Server, analytics, back-office, design, iOS, Android

Organic food - Farm online shop

About the project:This application allows to order organic products from farm for people who care about their health and wants to use the best healthy food. Besides products catalog also users can find there interesting recipes that can be made from shop's products, and see what feed is using for farm poultry.
All basic functionality, food view and choice, cart with transition to ordering, sign in are available in this application.
Implemented features: grocery shop, private office, product search, push-notification, recipes, web printer connection for instant orders printing in delivery department
Completion date: 2,5 months
Performed: Server, analytics, back-office, design, iOS, Android

SmartBike - Fitness tracker

HEXAGON is equipped with a rear facing camera giving cyclists the ability to view traffic via the smartphone app. You can also live broadcast your ride to your social networks or record video in full HD-resolution. This mobile application can detect if you have an accident and send an SMS message with GPS coordinates to your friends or family. Also this application allows parents to set territory boundaries and monitor your child's location and speed. At the moment the project is developing.
Implemented features: calorie counting, distances, speed, location
Completion date: 1 month
Performed: Alpha version iOS, Android

100 laws advices

This application was ordered by prosecutors office of Kazakhstan and developed within extremely short time - 4 days. It is a practical advices and recommendations collection for all occasions. This Indispensable application-book every family of Kazakhstan must have. The application available on Russian and Kazakhstan languages. When you change the language the application dynamically changes the content without having to reboot.
Implemented features: slider “instruction”, based RSS guide, multilingual, preparation advertising information for customers
Completion date: 4 days
Performed: offline application for iOS

Social network with game - LittleHero

About the project: There is no unified approach to parenting. Everyone does it their own way and think this is right. The plan of this project is to make life easier for parents in the first years of their children's lives. For this application were developed fascinating lessons for each day. These lessons showing up according to children’s age. The tasks focused on the development of physical and mental activity.
Users can get parenting advice from kids psychologists and pediatricians through internal chat. To maintain a user activity were implemented posts ribbon, likes, comments, subscription.
Implemented features: profiles, chats, internal purchases, client application for experts, achievements, ribbon, tasks, likes, comments, photogallery, log in through networks.
Completion date: 6 months
Performed: Server, API, Back-office, Android, iOS

Challenge chat - Competing Social network

The main aim of the project is a creation of fun activities with the awards. Users can create own task reports and discuss with the other project members.
The person who are used to win and overcome difficulties will like this project. The awards there is points that affect rating between users, also points can be used as ingame currency.
Implemented features: internal purchase, contents selling, extra selling, ratings, messenger and chat, timer and push-notifications
Completion date: 4 months
Performed: Server, API, Back-office, iOS, Android

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