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We create mobile applications and web-services using human-focused approach

With more than 5 years experience of full-stack development
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Full-stack development based on individual approach to every client we work with. Following inner high standards of production cycle from year to year we create applications that solves problems but not create new to reach business goals.

Closer look at our services

Research & Marketing

Assessment of market applications of similar subjects, identifying major competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

UX/UI design

Analysis of data on targeted users, identifying the main challenges and opportunities of application, development of user interface.

Web & mobile Development

Full cycle of development, sketching, prototyping, design, programming, testing and publishing.

Your solid support

Counseling, monitoring of application performance, bug fixes and upgrades.


We invite firstly to view, and then become a part of our portfolio.

We strive to create individual mobile applications that will bring real benefits to your organisation and have experience of developing applications for different market segments. We take pride in our work, so when our project is completed, we want to show it to You guys to see what we can do.








Things, that really matters to avoid meeting with iceberg

It is not easy to choose a partner in mobile development market due to wide range of proposals, prices and portfolios. But keeping in mind, that not only price and visial expirience is really matters will help you making a right desicion. Let us explain this three basic thing we will take care of. Now scroll down.

Your great ideas under NDA

Starting a project, that contains a know-how or valuable commercial information of existing business both financial and business processes, our work starts from signing NDA (Non disclosure agreement) to ensure you, that information is stored in secure hands.

Keeping in mind hacking resistance

Most of value in a product is information, that is stored in databases, and server-side source code. We implement into every product we produce SHA-2 (256 bit) encription of user data and use SSL-cretification for each client-server connection.

Application launch management

Sinergy of reputation marketing, attractive overview, engaging images showing user experience will bring you app success in stores. Hotfixes that are in time, updates plan and client support – are unobtainable parts of successful launch.
Get 22 more ideas on how to avoid fail. Contact us to get your personal free consultation.


Wide range of technologies

Application design involves complex planning and effort, higher quality design, a clear understanding of the objectives and latest technology. In Appomart clearly set the processes of creation of projects of different complexity, as cross-platform and native applications.

Our approach



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